Jef Lippiatt - Author


JEF LIPPIATT is a designer and writer located in Charleston, South Carolina. In his writing he combines practical life-lessons with humor.

He wants his work to engage imaginations while encouraging self-education. His influences come from a broad mix of creative writers, animators, architects and entrepreneurs. See more of his work by checking out


LOUIS DURRANT is a designer and illustrator from Berkshire, England. In his illustrations he uses simple shapes, rich colours and sharp contrasts to help set the scene, and set his work apart.

He aims to give his work a real sense of character and place, by giving all of his work its own personality and mood. His influences are never hidden away, and take cues from contemporary movies and music, current events, trends and ideas. To see more of his work, be sure to visit

Louis Durrant - Illustrator


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