Our Children’s Books

Our growing library covers a range of characters, experiences, and lessons. Keeping that in mind, we create engaging stories that help kids connect our illustrations with their unique imagination. Because our mission is to help children develop self-confidence and a passion for life-long learning, we hope adults will enjoy our stories equally as much.

Currently Available as Paperbacks and Ebooks

Where's Its Pair? Book Cover

Where’s Its Pair?

Sneaky socks want nothing but fun.

If matching up socks seems like a chore, you’ll really enjoy this adventure for sure. You’ll see a side of socks that is seldom and rare. So remember, while looking for matches not to pull out your hair.

How many times have you searched for a sock match and given up the hunt? This story covers what socks are doing behind the scenes.

Just remember, even a load of laundry can inspire your child’s imagination.

The Seal of Approval - Book Cover

The Seal of Approval

This is the seal that started it all. His picture still hangs on the company wall. He knows that hard work and passion will not go unnoticed. So he gives each day his full attention and focus.

Seth the seal knows the importance of hard work, learning, and helping others. He understands that knowledge and expertise never go out of style. Perhaps he didn’t know that consistency and dedication often are stepping stones toward leadership.

Beach or Bust - Book Cover

Beach or Bust

A misadventure about going to the beach.

It is unfortunate when things don’t go as planned, especially when your goal is playing in the water and sand. Can that kind of fun really be undone?

Hopefully not. But to avoid that outcome you’ll have to plan quite a lot. So gather your belongings and get on your way because everyone deserves a great beach day.

The Rhino That I Know - book cover

The Rhino That I Know

Listening is so important.

When we don’t listen thins can go wrong, but hopefully they don’t stay like that for long. So be wise and listen to those who know best, because the hard way is not an easy test. Listening skills matter much more than you know. Always stay teachable and be willing to grow.

Only Available as Ebooks

Breakfast Blunder - book cover

Breakfast Blunder

A delicious mess of a time.

Have you ever tried to do a nice deed, only to find it hard to complete? Breakfast in bed is always a treat, but only if there is something left to eat. It is easy for a mess to get out of control, but don’t let it derail you from completing your goal.

Cooking is less a skill to be learned and more of an adventure to savor. But, this story leaves even more to enjoy because the author’s original pancake recipe is included at the end of the story. Be willing to have an adventure in the kitchen that focuses on joy and a delicious end result.

Take These Lemons - book cover

Take These Lemons

Entrepreneurship and Teamwork is sweet.

What’s better than fresh cold lemonade? Knowing it isn’t the only thing you’ve made. Building a lemonade stand is a time-honored tradition, but there is much to learn so I hope you are ready to listen. Teaching children about business and entrepreneurship at an early age is an important skill that will always be valuable and relevant.

Encourage your child to always dream bigger and look for ways to support their ideas. A lemonade stand may seem simple, but it can help your child learn skills from sales and product development to customer service. So what are you waiting for? So grab some lemons and get to work! Entrepreneurship and Teamwork result in something sweet.

The Future Needs You

Sneaky socks want nothing but fun.

At some point we all have likely felt unsure of our purpose, after all it is a question we all face. But what if we could catch a glimpse into our future to see how we impact those around us? No one knows exactly where their journey will take them, but encouragement make a huge difference.

Finding purpose ignites an inner spark to our passion and energizes our self-confidence. So if you had the chance, what would you ask your future self? The impact that we can have on those around us isn’t always easy to understand, but it is important to convey.

Remember, no one else can be you. And you matter more than you know. So be unique and you’ll surprise yourself with how many people you impact along your great adventure.