The Art of Thankfulness

This is a great time of year to teach your children about being thankful. It is a practice that will serve them well year-round. I believe that ideas and concepts are easier for children (or anyone really) to grasp when they are interactive. How do you make being thankful interactive? You unleash your imagination and put a pencil (or pen) to paper. Our early Thanksgiving gift to all of you is a coloring activity sheet that is just in time for the holiday.

Encourage your children to draw their favorite Thanksgiving foods on the plate. Then help them use the lined side to write down things they are thankful that they have. Hopefully, you’ll see the signature dishes you spend so much time preparing. Maybe you’ll even have time to unwind with a sheet yourself having to clean up.

I would also encourage you to start a tradition that reinforces the importance of taking time to reflect and be grateful. Perhaps it is individually making a list of things you appreciate or shooting a short video about what you are thankful for this year.