Disguise Your Own Sock

Quickly Hide Me

If you are familiar with our first book, “Where’s Its Pair?”, you know that socks are very mischievous. Why do they want to avoid the laundry? Simple, they want to have fun. What’s the best way to help a sock escape this fate? You need to help disguise it.

A plain white sock won’t be hard to find, so use your imagination to add some unique details. Perhaps some stripes, a pattern, or even a mustache? Be creative. Download the page for free >>

Sock Disguise Preview
You know you want to disguise this sock to help him escape.

We hope you’ll post some pictures of your kids with their disguised sock. Use #MySneakySock on social media. We can’t wait to see all the creativity.

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    Download and color your own sock so it can hide from the laundry.
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