Papercraft your own Seal of Approval

Perhaps you haven’t heard the term ‘papercraft’ before, well you are in for a treat. Papercraft is all about making three-dimension models or objects out of paper. Curious yet? This is an activity that you and your children can enjoy in several ways. You can download all of the files for free, look for the links near the bottom of the post.

Seth the Seal of Approval as a Papercraft

The first option is downloading the black and white version so that your child can color Seth on their own.  The other option is downloading the version that has been colored and textured by Louis the illustrator of The Seal of Approval. Kids enjoy cutting things out, but you may need to do the cutting for younger children or at least supervise as the cutting takes place (there are a few tricky cuts involved). Both options lead to great outcomes. If you don’t have any double-sided tape, I suggest using a glue-stick.

Hopefully, we’ll offer some more papercraft characters in the future. But until then, please share pictures of you and your kids putting this together with us on our Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. We can’t wait to see how your version turns out, #PapercraftSeth.

And if you don’t already have a copy of The Seal of Approval, you can get a copy today as a paperback or electronically for Kindle.

Gather near Santa Seth and Holiday Socks

This is the perfect time of year to gather by the chimney with loved ones. Perhaps your family has a wealth of traditions you look forward to this time of year. Maybe you are starting some new family traditions of your own.

Children are full of sugar and energy this time of year. Has that energy been put to good use making and decorating cookies? Taste-testers are never in short supply. Have they been helpful decorating your house and Christmas tree too? Remember it is the thought that counts (even if you redecorate a bit). However, there is something to be said about helping the kids relax and reflect as the holiday season progresses. So, we’ve provided a Christmas themed coloring page that is filled with holiday cheer!

Do you recognize Seth, The Seal of Approval, dressed as Santa Claus? Did you see the socks from our book, Where’s Its Pair?, disguised as Christmas stockings hung by the fire with care? Coloring helps quiet children outwardly while jump-starting an internal world of imagination. It is a great calming activity for kids and adults alike. So why wait? Download and print out our festive activity and gather around the ones you love. There is nothing wrong about coloring as a family. (Attachment is at the bottom of the post)

Remember this season is all about wonder and cheer. This year before opening presents, have each child guess what might be inside their presents. I’m certain their imaginative answers will give you a reason for a few jolly laughs. Laughing curbs stress and spending time with family matters.

Combining anticipation and imagination always leads to great results every time.  And we look forward to hearing from you in the new year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our star pupils! We have great things planned for 2018.

Art and Child Development

Children not only need art, but they understand it much more than most adults. They still have the urge to create and imagine without limitations. Too many adults have given that up somewhere in their adolescence. One of our primary goals is to ensure there is a steady stream of creators, artists, and inventors entering the adult world. We cannot allow entire generations to sit back and rest on just consuming things because it is easier, faster, or less expensive. You need to connect with your children and show them the importance of creating things (both tangible and intangible).

Pablo Picasso Quote

Ideally, you’ll participate with them in the act of making, but at the very least don’t put roadblocks in the way of their creativity. I’m not saying anyone would do that intentionally, but the routines and stress of life can let many things get rushed or fall by the wayside. Be intentional about the art of creating with your children. And if you can, schedule some specific time for making something with your children nearby. You will inspire your children to create more just by being an example of someone that creates.

Constant Creative Engagement

Sometimes we forget that as children our daily world was full of creativity. Many lost it along the way because school systems didn’t seem to prioritize creativity (at least not after a certain grade or age level). I’m very lucky to count myself among the few kids that not only kept my creativity but actively developed it; even in a school system that did not value creative outlets. I grew up in a school system that first made Art, Music, and Foreign Language optional. However, the funding for those classes was always the first to be cut if a school levy didn’t pass.

Why am I bringing that up? You shouldn’t leave your child’s creativity only in the hands of a school system. I’m not categorically knocking schools. In fact, many schools are now embracing the Education Technology (or EdTech) movement. This movement is all about using technology in ways to really connect with your children (believe it or not, we all learn differently). This approach to technology is making room for those who learn differently or aren’t as extroverted to connect with their teachers, classmates, and their own creativity.

So how do you as a parent help your child stay engaged with creativity? Small steps. Every child has tons of creative potential, but it needs to be nurtured. Remember that your expectations for their creativity may not be what you expected. Perhaps they like drawing or listening to music. I want to stress that “creativity” is not limited to artistic pursuits, rather it is a way of approaching and solving problems. Every new experience a child encounters helps them view problems from new perspectives (art, music, foreign language, science, sports, and cooking among others will help shape how they approach thinking).

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Here are a few interesting ways to help your child connect with creativity:

  • Duolingo – a free app/website to help your child learn a variety of foreign languages in a practical approach.
  • LittleBits – technology kits that are a combination of Lego-like fun meeting science and programming (a great STEM / STEAM product)
  • GoldieBlox – construction and engineering toys focused on getting more girls interested in engineering (another great STEM / STEAM product)
  • Drawing Desk – an app to draw and color (has a specific “Kids Desk” feature)
  • Loopimal – create music in this app using animals as musical instruments (definitely hilarious!)

Holiday Cheer

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! – Elf (the movie)

A very true sentiment, however, sometimes singing alone may not be enough or perhaps you are in the mood for something else. Maybe you have some decorators in your house. You know, the tree, the cookies and maybe a wall or two. Give the gift of holiday coloring (on ideal surfaces) to your bundles of joy. We have been releasing coloring pages regularly but in the spirit of generosity this time we’ve provided 2 different coloring pages. Both drawn by Louis Durrant, the illustrator of “Where’s Its Pair?“.

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Disguise Your Own Sock

If you are familiar with our first book, “Where’s Its Pair?”, you know that socks are very mischievous. Why do they want to avoid the laundry? Simple, they want to have fun. What’s the best way to help a sock escape this fate? You need to help disguise it.

A plain white sock won’t be hard to find, so use your imagination to add some unique details. Perhaps some stripes, a pattern, or even a mustache? Be creative. Download the page for free >>

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