Summer Is A Slippery Seal

It seems like the Summer goes by more quickly than preferred (especially by children). Trying to enjoy every passing day can be a challenge, especially because of the unpredictable weather. Perhaps you were expecting a sunny day and the rain ruined your plans. Maybe it is just too hot to be enjoyable, even at the pool. Whatever the case, we have a treat that will work no matter the weather or time of day.

Hopefully, you noticed that we launched our second children’s book, “The Seal of Approval” this month. We truly hope you’ll grab a copy if you haven’t already ready, but today is all about Seth. After all, he is The Seal of Approval. So we created a free downloadable Seth coloring page. We believe he can help inspire your child to see the value of hard work and giving the best you have every day.

Seth really is The Seal of ApprovalIf you aren’t familiar with Seth. You need to get acquainted with him. He’ll be making many more appearances in our kid-friendly activities throughout the year.

So what are you waiting for? Print out a few copies and start coloring. Color where it is nice and cool or outside in the sun by the pool (just remember paper isn’t waterproof).

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