Approval Is What You Seek

Seth is the Seal of Approval

I’m sure we can all relate in the era of social media. We all want approval on some level don’t we? Believe me, being yourself is one of life’s great challenges.

Children are constantly seeking approval from parents, siblings and extended family. Once they begin school new paths for approval are found or forged with their peers and school teachers. It is important to instill great life lessons from an early age. The best lessons come from positive role models and examples. However,we don’t all get those throughout our lives (at least not consistently).

So what does this really mean? We must develop our own character and look internally for satisfaction and validation. We must protect our character and reputation. But why does this really matter? Because today our new children’s book, “The Seal of Approval” is launching. You can now learn where the phrase originated (if you believe everything you read in a children’s book).

The Seal of Approval - Book CoverCurrently only the e-book is available, however, the paperback version will be launching soon.

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