We Must Get To The Beach

It’s August 1st, I bet I can guess where you want to be. The beach! Right? The last time you visited the beach, did everything go exactly as planned? If not, you’re among good company. Despite all of our best efforts and checklists, we might miss a small detail that turns into something more. It can be very frustrating because the anticipation has been building up to reaching our destination.

Perhaps it is time to take a step back and think about how those little unplanned moments help craft the eventual adventure. It is great when things go as planned, but we can’t and shouldn’t always expect it to happen that way. We must remain flexible. What really matters is the adventure (and having a good time – especially with family).

Beach or Bust - Book CoverI’m very excited to ask you all on our next adventure together, “Beach or Bust” (ebook – the paperback will be launching soon). This is our third adventure connecting with you and your family. I know you’ll be able to relate to this story. Remember being at the beach is all about relaxing and having fun. Don’t let the little hiccups distract you from what’s truly important.

Back to school time is rapidly approaching, so extend your summer mindset for just a while longer. The beach is calling. We hope to see you there.

This story was locally inspired over the many trips I’ve taken Folly Beach, South Carolina. It’s just down the road (so to speak) from Charleston, South Carolina. There are plenty of other great local beaches as well, but it’s the one I visit the most.

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Approval Is What You Seek

I’m sure we can all relate during the era of social media. We all want approval on some level, don’t we? Believe me, being yourself is one of life’s great challenges.

Children are constantly seeking approval from parents, siblings, and extended family. Once they begin school new paths for approval are found or forged with their peers and school teachers. It is important to instill great life lessons from an early age. The best lessons come from positive role models and examples. However, we don’t all get those throughout our lives (at least not consistently).

So what does this really mean? We must develop our own character and look internally for satisfaction and validation. We must protect our character and reputation. But why does this really matter? Because today our new children’s book, “The Seal of Approval” is launching. You can now learn where the phrase originated (if you believe everything you read in a children’s book).

The Seal of Approval - Book CoverCurrently, only the e-book is available, however, the paperback version will be launching soon.

Feel free to also check out our other children’s book, “Where’s Its Pair?” available electronically and as a paperback.


Our Present To You

Happy Holidays, and without further to-do, let us announce our present to you. From now until Saturday, December 31 our e-book Where’s Its Pair? is available for free (available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Apps). Yes, you read that correctly, so why are you waiting? We hope you’ll grab a copy and read it through and after you’ve finished we hope you’ll leave a review!

Get Your Gift Now!

Get your hands on the paperback

So, you may remember our first book, “Where’s Its Pair?” launched as an e-book in late August. After a lot of hard work, we are pleased to let you know it is now available in paperback format! We are pumped that we were able to get this out just in time for you to enjoy during the holidays. We know all you adults will be able to relate with trying to find matching socks. We’ve all been there, but now you can look back on those moments with humor.

Taking time to see humor in everyday things propels your imagination, if you allow it to take control.
– Jef Lippiatt – Author of “Where’s Its Pair?”