Valentine All Mine

There are plenty of ways to make people feel special on Valentine’s Day, but one of the best is simply spending time with those that matter most to you. Be sure to take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy the day. Make a big deal about the things that your child creates for you (even if you don’t fully understand them). If you haven’t figured out any fun crafts just yet, never fear! We’ve got you covered!

Heart Mittens for Valentine's Day

As a Valentine’s Day gift to all of you, we have 2 new coloring pages for you. One is “I love you” and the other is “Happy Valentine’s Day” no matter which one you choose we hope you feel special today. We value our readers and their eyes, so as a thank you, and please download each surprise!

Art and Child Development

Children not only need art, but they understand it much more than most adults. They still have the urge to create and imagine without limitations. Too many adults have given that up somewhere in their adolescence. One of our primary goals is to ensure there is a steady stream of creators, artists, and inventors entering the adult world. We cannot allow entire generations to sit back and rest on just consuming things because it is easier, faster, or less expensive. You need to connect with your children and show them the importance of creating things (both tangible and intangible).

Pablo Picasso Quote

Ideally, you’ll participate with them in the act of making, but at the very least don’t put roadblocks in the way of their creativity. I’m not saying anyone would do that intentionally, but the routines and stress of life can let many things get rushed or fall by the wayside. Be intentional about the art of creating with your children. And if you can, schedule some specific time for making something with your children nearby. You will inspire your children to create more just by being an example of someone that creates.