Our Present To You

Happy Holidays, and without further to-do, let us announce our present to you. From now until Saturday, December 31 our e-book Where’s Its Pair? is available for free (available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Apps). Yes, you read that correctly, so why are you waiting? We hope you’ll grab a copy and read it through and after you’ve finished we hope you’ll leave a review!

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Holiday Cheer

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! – Elf (the movie)

A very true sentiment, however, sometimes singing alone may not be enough or perhaps you are in the mood for something else. Maybe you have some decorators in your house. You know, the tree, the cookies and maybe a wall or two. Give the gift of holiday coloring (on ideal surfaces) to your bundles of joy. We have been releasing coloring pages regularly but in the spirit of generosity this time we’ve provided 2 different coloring pages. Both drawn by Louis Durrant, the illustrator of “Where’s Its Pair?“.

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Disguise Your Own Sock

If you are familiar with our first book, “Where’s Its Pair?”, you know that socks are very mischievous. Why do they want to avoid the laundry? Simple, they want to have fun. What’s the best way to help a sock escape this fate? You need to help disguise it.

A plain white sock won’t be hard to find, so use your imagination to add some unique details. Perhaps some stripes, a pattern, or even a mustache? Be creative. Download the page for free >>

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Get your hands on the paperback

So, you may remember our first book, “Where’s Its Pair?” launched as an e-book in late August. After a lot of hard work, we are pleased to let you know it is now available in paperback format! We are pumped that we were able to get this out just in time for you to enjoy during the holidays. We know all you adults will be able to relate with trying to find matching socks. We’ve all been there, but now you can look back on those moments with humor.

Taking time to see humor in everyday things propels your imagination, if you allow it to take control.
– Jef Lippiatt – Author of “Where’s Its Pair?”

The Art of Thankfulness

This is a great time of year to teach your children about being thankful. It is a practice that will serve them well year-round. I believe that ideas and concepts are easier for children (or anyone really) to grasp when they are interactive. How do you make being thankful interactive? You unleash your imagination and put a pencil (or pen) to paper. Our early Thanksgiving gift to all of you is a coloring activity sheet that is just in time for the holiday.

Encourage your children to draw their favorite Thanksgiving foods on the plate. Then help them use the lined side to write down things they are thankful that they have. Hopefully, you’ll see the signature dishes you spend so much time preparing. Maybe you’ll even have time to unwind with a sheet yourself having to clean up.

I would also encourage you to start a tradition that reinforces the importance of taking time to reflect and be grateful. Perhaps it is individually making a list of things you appreciate or shooting a short video about what you are thankful for this year.

The Next Step Is Making It Real

We’ve been working hard to have the physical copy of “Where’s Its Pair?” ready to purchase in time for the upcoming holiday season. After all, there is nothing better than sharing stories and time with family! I just wanted to share this behind the scenes footage with you so you can share in the excitement.

The video shows the proof copies of “Where’s Its Pair?” being unboxed after they arrive. It was definitely a moment worth capturing. I hope you enjoy seeing the experience and how happy we are to be providing unique educational content for young minds.

The Perfect Pumpkin

Halloween is rapidly approaching, but that doesn’t mean that autumn has come to an end. Pumpkins can be decorated throughout the fall. Pumpkins are great for letting your children express their imagination. Some pumpkins are carved and some get painted. However, the one we are presenting you with today gets colored! Yep, another fun printable coloring page that features a nice pumpkin for your kids to color as they see fit! Maybe with the trend of adult coloring books you’d like to color one as well. No worries, just print 2 copies!

Star Pupil is wishing you all a safe and happy Halloween. Enjoy the sweets but watch out for cavities!

Book Launch – Where’s Its Pair?

We are so happy to announce that our first book, “Where’s Its Pair?“, is now available on the Amazon Kindle store for only $2.99. You can get your hands on a copy for your Kindle or download it to a smartphone or tablet with the Kindle App.

You and your chWhere's Its Pair Coverildren will certainly enjoy this story about the adventures socks have when you aren’t watching. This is the first book by author and illustrator duo Jef Lippiatt and Louis Durrant.

We would love to hear your feedback on the story so be sure to share your thoughts with us on Twitter @starpupilbooks and use #SneakySocks