December is for Going Places

Going Places with Katie Blomquist December 2017

This December we are teaming up with Going Places, a local Charleston nonprofit organization focused on providing low income, high poverty kids with the most basic childhood right; a right to joy! This is exciting for us because we can combine helping kids go places with their imagination while helping them go places physically.

Katie Blomquist, Founder, and Executive Director, of Going Places, has been an absolute pleasure to work with on this effort. We are pledging 25 cents per book purchased throughout the entire month of December to Going Places! This includes sales from both our eBooks and Paperbacks! If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to buy our books or gift one to someone else, there is no better time than now.

Clicking on a book will take you to Amazon for purchase.

Beach or Bust - Book Cover
Beach or Bust
The Seal of Approval - Book Cover
The Seal of Approval
Where's Its Pair Front Cover
Where’s Its Pair?

Our goal is to raise as much money for Going Places as possible, so tell your family and your friends (or anyone that will listen). But if you feel the urge and understand the need, you can give directly to Going Places indeed.