Gather near Santa Seth and Holiday Socks

This is the perfect time of year to gather by the chimney with loved ones. Perhaps your family has a wealth of traditions you look forward to this time of year. Maybe you are starting some new family traditions of your own.

Children are full of sugar and energy this time of year. Has that energy been put to good use making and decorating cookies? Taste-testers are never in short supply. Have they been helpful decorating your house and Christmas tree too? Remember it is the thought that counts (even if you redecorate a bit). However, there is something to be said about helping the kids relax and reflect as the holiday season progresses. So, we’ve provided a Christmas themed coloring page that is filled with holiday cheer!

Do you recognize Seth, The Seal of Approval, dressed as Santa Claus? Did you see the socks from our book, Where’s Its Pair?, disguised as Christmas stockings hung by the fire with care? Coloring helps quiet children outwardly while jump-starting an internal world of imagination. It is a great calming activity for kids and adults alike. So why wait? Download and print out our festive activity and gather around the ones you love. There is nothing wrong about coloring as a family. (Attachment is at the bottom of the post)

Remember this season is all about wonder and cheer. This year before opening presents, have each child guess what might be inside their presents. I’m certain their imaginative answers will give you a reason for a few jolly laughs. Laughing curbs stress and spending time with family matters.

Combining anticipation and imagination always leads to great results every time.  And we look forward to hearing from you in the new year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our star pupils! We have great things planned for 2018.

December is for Going Places

This December we are teaming up with Going Places, a local Charleston nonprofit organization focused on providing low income, high poverty kids with the most basic childhood right; a right to joy! This is exciting for us because we can combine helping kids go places with their imagination while helping them go places physically.

Katie Blomquist, Founder, and Executive Director, of Going Places, has been an absolute pleasure to work with on this effort. We are pledging 25 cents per book purchased throughout the entire month of December to Going Places! This includes sales from both our eBooks and Paperbacks! If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to buy our books or gift one to someone else, there is no better time than now.

Clicking on a book will take you to Amazon for purchase.

Beach or Bust - Book Cover
Beach or Bust
The Seal of Approval - Book Cover
The Seal of Approval
Where's Its Pair Front Cover
Where’s Its Pair?

Our goal is to raise as much money for Going Places as possible, so tell your family and your friends (or anyone that will listen). But if you feel the urge and understand the need, you can give directly to Going Places indeed.

Valentine All Mine

There are plenty of ways to make people feel special on Valentine’s Day, but one of the best is simply spending time with those that matter most to you. Be sure to take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy the day. Make a big deal about the things that your child creates for you (even if you don’t fully understand them). If you haven’t figured out any fun crafts just yet, never fear! We’ve got you covered!

Heart Mittens for Valentine's Day

As a Valentine’s Day gift to all of you, we have 2 new coloring pages for you. One is “I love you” and the other is “Happy Valentine’s Day” no matter which one you choose we hope you feel special today. We value our readers and their eyes, so as a thank you, and please download each surprise!

Holiday Cheer

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! – Elf (the movie)

A very true sentiment, however, sometimes singing alone may not be enough or perhaps you are in the mood for something else. Maybe you have some decorators in your house. You know, the tree, the cookies and maybe a wall or two. Give the gift of holiday coloring (on ideal surfaces) to your bundles of joy. We have been releasing coloring pages regularly but in the spirit of generosity this time we’ve provided 2 different coloring pages. Both drawn by Louis Durrant, the illustrator of “Where’s Its Pair?“.

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The Art of Thankfulness

This is a great time of year to teach your children about being thankful. It is a practice that will serve them well year-round. I believe that ideas and concepts are easier for children (or anyone really) to grasp when they are interactive. How do you make being thankful interactive? You unleash your imagination and put a pencil (or pen) to paper. Our early Thanksgiving gift to all of you is a coloring activity sheet that is just in time for the holiday.

Encourage your children to draw their favorite Thanksgiving foods on the plate. Then help them use the lined side to write down things they are thankful that they have. Hopefully, you’ll see the signature dishes you spend so much time preparing. Maybe you’ll even have time to unwind with a sheet yourself having to clean up.

I would also encourage you to start a tradition that reinforces the importance of taking time to reflect and be grateful. Perhaps it is individually making a list of things you appreciate or shooting a short video about what you are thankful for this year.